Monday, June 14, 2010

The Stranglers - Golden Brown / Quicksilver Messenger Service - Gold and Silver

It's high time for something lively, wouldn't you say? Howzabout some Golden Brown? Notoriously naughty in their heyday, The Stranglers were as uncompromising a seventies punk band as you could find. Much like their colorful contemporaries X-Ray Specs, Buzzcocks, and Adverts, the Stranglers were volatile and snide, but with a smart sense of humor and (occasionally) had something to say besides "sod off". Penned well after punk heard the dirt hit its coffin lid, it's odd that this harpsichord-driven waltz would turn out to be their biggest commercial success. What say you, good listener - an ode to a beautiful girl, or to heroin? Perhaps a bit of both? (Incidentally, it's always been my opinion that this could easily pass for the first-born son of Quicksilver Messenger Service's Gold and Silver recorded 13 years earlier. Hmmmmm.)

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